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Naruto FanArt and FanFiction!
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Welcome to the Naruto Art and Fanfiction community!

This community is for art and fanfictions! If your a artist and love to draw you can post up your work here and everyone can see how good it is! Or people can ask for drawings and if your willing to do them you can, ::Shrugs:: not my choice but yours! If youre a writer you can post your storys here with a link to read them! Comment them! And what not! ::Grins::

::Art Rules::
1.Do not take any ones art work if they do not allow it.
2.Dont claim them as your own.
3.No Yaoi OR Yuri
3.Admire it! ::grins::
4.Comment on it!

All kinds of art are welcomed! Just please no Yuri or Yaoi! Thank you!

::Fanfiction Rules::
1.Do not post up any storys that arent yours.
2.You are allowed post up a link to a GREAT fanfic you've read but PLEASE remember to meantion its not YOURS.
4.PLEASE NO Yaoi OR Yuri.
5.Please if you read and them and like it review or comment.
6.Post the link! (on ff.net or your Lj)

::When posting a Fan art or Fanfiction please add::

Story/Art title:
Rating/Art: (Can be from G to R)
Pairings: (Can be anything YOU want who cares if no one eles agree's with it! if you dont want to say anything and want people to find out on there own you can skip this.)
A brife summary: (just enough to make you want to read it)
Warning/for art to: (If it contains Lemon, Violence, and what not please warn!)
Link: (Where ever it is, on ff.net, mine are on there! or on your Lj!)

( For Art pictures just fill in the ones that say /Art.)

Fanfictions is fiction and in that you DO have freedom of speech so you can write anything you want, same goes for art. Pairings can go from, Sasuke/Ino to Sakura/Neji, I dont care and no one else should. If you dont like the story NO FLAMING! Flamers are annoying! constructive criticism is fine with me BUT if you DONT want it please mention it in the summary.

Q: "Can I add anything other then Naruto?"
A: Yes. You can as long as you write a Naruto fanfiction at least one. I know there are more and more animes out there. I for one will say that you can add, Inuyasha, Fruits Baskets, FLCL, Ranma 1/2, D.n Angel, Kenshin, and Sailor moon. Besides thoughs, no or take it up with me and I'll give you a yes or no.

Q: "Can I add anything other then Naruto Fanart?"
A: Same as above, yes you can but with art work it can be anything! I love art work and love looking at other peoples work! So BRING IT!

Q: "Are lemons allowed?"
A: Yes. Yes they are just depends, if you ONLY write lemon fanfictions please head over to the other Naruto community you will get more people to read it seeing as thats what its about.

Besides all this please feel free to join and have a good day!